Tinder HATES this! You won't believe number 420!
Please, I'm Suffering

Hey, don't make fun of SpongeBob, it's actually a really funny show 'cause it has my favourite *MONSOON*s, so unless you don't like the official fan page, I'm not gonna stop using commas, okay, and don't hate on Naruto 'cause Sauce Keys is actually my favourite person 'cause he has the share my guns, and he can beat you up, and it's actually a really funny anime, so also like the fan page of Narry Toes,

I hate myself.
  • This is only for the cool Nigerians. Givin' da ravioli

    >mfw im funin miself on 9gag xD

    > tfw u r lol just leik maya; I'M LOL.

    >mfw u r leik wtf nd u hir avicci's nu nightcore ;D

    >mfw i die 8D

    Here's my family: